Organic/Garden Waste Removal form

Organic/Garden Waste Removal Request – a convenience for small households and the elderly.Complete the form online, or download & submit Wholah! we will return a curtsey e mail on receipt!

Organic/Garden Waste Removal which does not form part of your normal weekly municipal household waste service

  1. Oreganic/Garden waste to be collected will be contained in standard black/green bags.
    The quantity will not exceed more than 1 - 6 bags per week, which normally fits a 240   litre municipal container.
  2. I / We will give two weeks’ notice for discontinuance of the service and will be liable for a full fee before month end.
  3. I / We will not place wet grass within a container without bag containment.
  4. By using bags I understand:  

a) unwanted stench and spillage is minimized within the Estate &

b) the personnel of the Contractor is able to handle the weight.

  1. The duty of the Service Provider is to collect regularly on a weekly basis and keep sufficient record for inspection by the undersigned and / or Estate Manager.
  2. Spillage by the Contractor will be cleaned immediately.
  3. I / We understand that we are contributing to the ‘GREEN CERTIFICATE’ issued by the Contractor to the advantage of the Estate.
  4. The fee of  R115.00 is payable to the Managing Agent for my / our levy collections thereby ensuring transparent record keeping.

You are now connected and will be billed for the service on a monthly basis @ R115,00 per month.   

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To download the garden waste removal form please click here


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