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The Eastern Newsletter
On Monday, 3 March the Door-to-door Recycling Collection Service that we have grown accustomed to in the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria will change hands and new life will be blown into this project.
Recycling in the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria has become part of most household’s routine over the last 2 years, thanks to WastePlan that has introduced it to the people of Pretoria.
This initiative has been self-funded by WastePlan, a national waste management and recycling company, for the past 2 years, and according to Mr. Bertie Lourens, MD of WastePlan Holdings, has been making a substantial financial loss from inception in October 2011.
WastePlan has been aware of the financial risks of such a project, but has been of the opinion that it could reach a financial break-even point if the participation grew to a certain level.
“Over the last 2 years we have seen the participation levels grow from near 10% to over 60 %, with the current total weight of recyclable material recovered every month being over 300 tons.
Imagine one normal swimming pool full of recyclable material, and you will stare into more or less 3, 5 tons of material.
Times that by 100 and that will give you an idea of how much material is currently being collected and diverted away from landfill sites every month through this project”.
Unfortunately because of the recent increase in fuel, transport and labor costs, combined with the need to replace the entire fleet of vehicles that was used in this project, WastePlan has made a strategic decision not to replace it’s fleet with larger vehicles and not to continue with this service but rather to negotiate with another Waste Management company with residential recycling as part of its strategic plan to take over this service.
While the Municipality is primarily taking care of the wet waste streams at Landfill.
“We urge residents to motivate their neighbours and everyone they know to participate in this very important recycling program. Landfill sites are becoming very scarce, remote and expensive, therefore this plea for participation” The routes at this stage stay exactly the same as in the past .They envisage rolling this recycling activity out, through the whole of Tshwane which is not serviced as yet ,during the next year and will communicate with the residents of Tshwane which area will be next.
Residents within the collection areas are given plastic bags to gather dry, clean recyclable materials such as paper, bottles, glass, cans and plastics.
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The rest of the world is doing it. Let’s get on board; it’s the right thing to do

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