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Residents in various parts of Centurion have been left in the lurch since one dump site closed unexpectedly and the other is always filled with long queues of residents waiting to dump their refuse. The Garstkloof dump site on Delmas Road closed in December after it reached its capacity and poor service delivery at the Garden Refuse mini-dump site in Lyttelton and the Rooihuiskraal dump site has left many residents upset.
Johan Leeflang from Lyttelton drove all the way to the Garstkloof dumpsite on Delmas Road before realising it was closed. He then called the municipality, who told him to go to either the Mamelodi or Soshanguve dump sites. “These were so far away, I drove instead to the Midrand dump, as it was the nearest,” Leeflang said.
Tshwane’s Selby Bokaba said the Garstkloof landfill site on Delmas Road was partially closed, as the site has reached its maximum capacity and can no longer operate. “An assessment of the site will be completed and an area identified within the landfill boundary for a new cell, which could possibly expand the lifespan of the site by another 2-3 years. However, the site remains closed and only open to municipal vehicles and members of the public disposing of building rubble and cover soil while the site is sloped for rehabilitation.”
Since the closure of the Delmas dump, residents and garden services have begun to use the Lyttleton site, but have been met with poor service delivery. According to personnel at the site, only 5 out of the 18 containers were available for garden refuse. Since last week, vehicles have been e standing in queues for almost a kilometre to dump their refuse.
Rekord visited the site on Saturday afternoon, when as many as 12 vehicles were piled up, waiting to dump their garden refuse. Ferdi Horn, the owner of a garden service business, said the workers swore at him and packed rocks behind his trailer’s wheels after he used a container that the workers had denied him usage of. “They even phoned the metro police, who told me the rules are the rules and everyone should obey them,” Horn said.
One of the residents, who brings his garden refuse to this mini-dump site weekly, told Rekord that the problem had escalated over the past week. “Since the closure of the dumping site on Delmas Road, there has been an influx of people dumping at this site,” Henk Oberholzer said. Rekord tried numerous times to contact Herman Booysen, the head of the garden refuse division, to comment on the complaints, but at the time of going to print, no comment had been received.
Other residents in Centurion were also unhappy about the dump site at Rooihuiskraal. Tim Nagel was told that certain vehicles were not allowed on the premises, without being given a proper explanation as to the reason why. Nagel told Rekord he wanted to offload garden refuse, but was surprised to learn that his Hyundai bakkie was not allowed inside. According to him, there was no notice at the entrance notifying residents. “This is ridiculous, we cannot accept this kind of treatment,” said Nagel, who was told to offload his refuse outside the premises. Ward Councillor Marietha Aucamp explained that only one-ton bakkies were allowed to enter the Rooihuiskraal dump. “I am busy organising a meeting between concerned residents and municipal officials to find common ground on the usage of the facility. Currently, numerous garden service operators are not allowed to make use of the facility due to the limitation on vehicles,” she said.
Many garden service businesses have been advised to go to the Hatherley site in Mamelodi, but business owners are reluctant to do so as this would have economic implications for their businesses. Ward Councillor Vickey Bosch, who received numerous calls regarding this issue, said she also tried to contact Booysen to find out why the broken containers at the Lyttleton site have not been repaired.
Bosch also requested that Booysen clarify where residents and garden services should dump their garden refuse, as illegal dumping may occur. According to Bosch, residents don’t know where to dump their refuse, as there are no alternative dumping sites in the southern suburbs of Pretoria. “The dumping site in Lyttelton is not able to handle the influx of rubbish, which is now being dumped next to Delmas Road and across Makro in Centurion,” a concerned resident said.
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